The savings generated by Telcomunity result in a measurable and assured return on your investment (ROI), without compromise or obligations to stay with us.

Along all these years we have confronted various diverse, changing and complex realities and customer needs and specifications, in clients of all sizes. These has allowed us to be prepared to understand, recommend and integrate Telcomunity with your structure and business rules. As a consequence, we can assure a simple, fast and efficient service deployment timeframes.

Where does savings come from?


Form the very first invoice treated, all services usage real costs and allocations are analysed to assess with you all the viable optimizations, corrections, and other actions to take.


As a consequence of the preliminary analysis, a set of actions and measures are decided and taken into effect with an immediate or continuous focus. Furthermore, the scope is to set the good praxis in the forward daily management of petitions, so both time employed is optimised, but also errors are reduced.


Telcomunity may be a front or back end partner for you when negotiating new conditions, analysing and valuing offers, and advising of main issues to be improved, avoid or expand.


Each final user regardless of the number and type of devices used, may receive a summary email and have access to our cloud-based platform or real time app, to have detail information (or applying the permits required) of their usage and cost generated. It is common, that costly or inadequate usages come from ignorance or lack of detail.


Wrongly invoiced usages or services may be originated by different reasons: but looking for reimbursable mistakes is not only limited to wrongly applied discounts or prices, but also and more important, if such prices are applied to the right inventory and petitions made to the vendors. In summary the aim for the client to know exactly how much it should pay, even before receiving the invoices, or clearing payment.


Thanks to our monthly simplified online and offline reports to key responsible, the time dedicated by you to non-core control is reduced to circa nil. That is; we will let you know and highlight, all the critical and relevant points that need to be addressed or that a decision to act needs to be made. … And if due to the nature of you company, you need an ad-hoc report, we will also configure and generate such reports for you.