Benchmark & advisory


  • RFP support
    Our knowledge base positions Telcomunity as the leader when providing the best praxis and experience in the Iberian market, but our thechnical capabilities allows for the best strategy delviery also for global tenders. We add the ability to read between lines and knowledge of what vendors real deliverable are, to ensure that RFP are proper and complete in each client case.
  • Tender and documentation preparation
    We can elaborate on all the needed documentation for a RFP, ensuring that no gaps or lack of data allows for offers and discrepancies thereafter.
  • Simulation
    We can use our TEM platforms tu simulate and compare each offer in each category accordingly.
  • Contracts review
    Once the decission has been made, a formal contract must be signed. But sometimes such contract may have discrepancies or mistakes that need to be reviewed before signing.
  • Business intelligence
    Each client has its own cost drivers, future needs and particularities, therefore benchmark and strategies for achieving the best results must be in accordance.
  • Benchmark analysis
    Nut just global but we go into benchmark comparison of each type of line, service, profile of usage comparison, so that we understand even better than offerors what the key drivers are enabling for a honest and fair fight when negotiating.
  • Offering vs. Invoincing
    In most cases a vendor commercial may offer price schemes that he may not know are difficult or complex to be implemented by its own invoicing departments; these we know may result in future invoice errors or complexity. Telcomunity may help avoid this too.
  • Promptness
    Our accumulated experience made us the choice when short deadlines, as we may deliver results and documentation in record time or even in less that 24h when needing to decide on a certain offer.