Cost allocation


  • Pre-configured and personalised
    Different business areas or user profile may have differen cost allocation rules, permits, criteria. Furthermore, you may need to visualise you cost split between projects, dedications, profiles, etc.
  • Sharing cost drivers promotes consciousness and efficiency
    Your users, familiarised or not whit telecom cost, receive de data via internet or intranet in a graphic, browseable and simple way that does not only facilitates a feeling of control and order, but helps understanding their cost, promoting inventory cleaning, efficiencies, etc. that had reached savings of up to 28% of total telecom cost.
  • All your cost correctly allocated
    Our platform can divide cost down to the daily use that must go into each department, user or area, allowing for partial cost allocation.
  • Apply any rules of cost allocation
    You may need cost allocations with specific rules either for re-invoicing or visualisation.
  • Share the cost with your employees or final clients
    The platform allows for any employee, preserving confidentiallity and privacy, to allocate their cost to personal, company or projects or clients. In some cases evethoug employees pay for part of their usage, it is a company benefit as both parts benefit for special conditions and prices.
  • Configurable alarms
    You may need to have certain alarms derived from your business needs, user profiles, working hours, limits, etc.