Helpdesk and Inventory management


  • Pre-configured and tarifiable
    The platform will be previously configured so that your contracts, profiles, policies and needs are there. You do not need to do it, and all the other tools, buttons or menus you don’t need arte taken out of the way. Simple.
  • Help desk outsourcing
    Telcomunity has been the market leader and still is one of the few TEM providers that aslo offers a pool of telecom suppor managers which enables us to provide help desk services (remote or in-premisses) that has earned us many congratulations. We only provide with experienced personnel that has prevously worked on the vendor side, hence know how to avoid “traps” delivering proactivness.
  • Help desk platform SaaS
    In some cases, the client already has its own personnel dedicated or even has its own facillity tools in place. These can also have access to our specific TEM platform so that the “last mile” of their duty is correctly reflected, hence taken into consideration for invoice review and error recovery if needed.
  • Full control
    All your different telecom inventory in one single point, personalised dashboards, alarms and made simple so that formation or platform usage are intuitive and simple. You will always know where and how your telecom assets are beign assigned, used or missused.
  • What type and how many
    In most cases you invoceable inventory and your real inventory invoiced do not match. Our platform and reports will make it easy to pintpoint such discrepancies and understand the reasons behind them, so solving them will become a quick review.