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A custom service

Each customer has their own needs. Telcomunity offers a flexible solution thanks to its great experience with clients of all kinds.

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Telecom report & analysis

Cloud platform: true knowledge made simple, accessible and without installation cost. Integrated BPO or as a SaaS.

Reparto de costes

Cost distribution and communication

From the final user, to intermediate department or cost centre managers to service responsible or more levels, all cost and information is accordingly allocated and presented.

Inventory under control

Differences and discrepancies are easily allocated, regardless if outsourced or carried out by your personnel, our cloud based tools will allow you to have all your inventory under control.

Invoice mistakes audited

Telcomunity detects and recalculates all errors, providing a simple and friendly interface and reports both for you and your vendors.

Specialised experts

Since 2001, Telcomunity has set the standards in RFP, tendering, and benchmark analysis in Iberia, allowing our clients to negotiate their contracts and services accordingly.

Real time control

Thanks to the integration of adapted applications, the usage is monitored in real time, allowing for faster action without incurring in expensive MDM solutions.