Invoice Auditing


  • Error recovery
    Telcomunity simualtes and detects any deviation of usage or service incorrectly charged , and shows them in a detailed but simple manner.
  • Recovery followups
    We can take on as if it was you the task of chasing and ensutring that claims are made realities.
  • Inventory as the base
    An updated and accurate inventroy is the base for any claim as, even if prices and contract is 100% acurate, error may derive from a bad or inneficient inventory and/or paying for services we did not even request for. Telcomunity comparesand simulates usage by usage but ALSO over an invetntory  kept or replicated on our TEM platform.
  • Detailed simulation
    Telcomunity’s platform has evolved to a degree of detail simulation where any usage, regardless of its type, is priced in accordance with a contract or conditiion. But furthermore, in accordance with each date line status and condition. This gives us and advantage in any claim, as we are able to demostrate any line, any date, any use discrepancy.
  • Invoice pre-validations
    Enbeded within the invoice process, the quality and consistancy of data provide by vendors is automatically reviewed, so that any errors driven by a corrupted file, are detected inmediatelly.
  • Allways with you
    Telcomunity does not only provides with the dashboards, reports, and browseable data, your KAM will always be avialable to seat with whomever needed to ensure claims are processed and vendors do not confuse you with terminology or data.
  • Periodic conciliations
    Telcomunity is also expert in reviewing periodic conciliations or rapple applications. As in some cases we do have a more accurate data to work over, the task of reviewing if such conciliations are correct or not, is minimazed.
  • Help Desk integration
    Daily changes and petitions must be accuratley replied on our platform and even the client’s own FMT tools too, the issues which affect and condition charges and payables, must be propperlly kept. So Telcomunity’s TEM platform can also be used as a SaaS by your own personnel, ours, or even the operators to keep track of requests, line status, petitions, provisioning, etc. This allows for the correct day to day conditions applicable to each line even during the same invoice period.
  • Proactive strategy
    Telcomunity´s effors are focused in reducing invoice errors by recommending contract especific conditions, automatic plan activations, implementing modus operandi which in return reduces the need for calims, hence the cost of such monitoring.