Reporting & Analysis


  • A Cloud based plaftorm + Dedicated KAM at you service
    Accesible from any where and wihtou instalation and maintenance cost. A powerfull TEM+ platform with more that 15 year of continuous R&D and endless adpatation to market and changing data to be processed. You are not alone, a KAM will be dedicated to you, but he/she has a team of multidisciplinary experts behind, all focused on improving faseable savings, service and satisfaction.
  • Anlysis multi-operator/-language /-currency/-tecnology
    A a matrix or by separate of all invoices processed, with the possibility of adding more layers to the analysis, profiles, cost structure, limits, etc.
  • Trend and evolution
    Your past years expenditure always accessible for comparison and other searches.
  • Undestandable concepts
    We kkep original descriptions and nomenclature, but all is transformed into a common and understandable terminology so that any user regardless of his experience understands results and data provided, even if muli vendors coexist in one client.
  • Flexibility
    We are experts in adpating service and platform to cover any new needs or ad-hoc necessities to meet client changing needs and deadlines.
  • Multi-level
    Regardless of how complex and extend your organisation may be, and how many different user profiles and permit configurations you may need.
  • Straight to the critical issues
    Our dedicated KAMs report directly to you on at least a monthly base, highlighting the most critical issues and actions to take, providing a peace of mind to our clients that trust them as in most cases we will even go beyond your expectations and like to act as if we were sitting with you.