Telcomunity seeks proactively the reduction of invoice errors and time dedication through the implementation of proven and reliable processes. This in addition generates added value to our CLIENT, and normalises the dialog and relationship with your providers.

  • ROI (average return on investment) cost of service/saving generated 345% 345%
  • Reductions due to Inventory optimization and users awareness 19%
  • Reduction from service configuration adjustments 12%
  • Maximum average rate of errors in continued service clients 3,2%
  • Reduction in client time dedication 85%



In less than 20 days, Telcomunity could prepare for you a PILOT + Express Savings Plan, without having to wait for the date of contract renovation or new negotiations:

  • We will simmulate all the historic invoices, usage by usage againts your inventory and contract conditions.
  • At the same time, we review inneficiencies and applicable saving meassures for the inmediate future.
  • A set of concrete recommendations and feasible actions are valued with you.
  • Other recommendations regarding future change needs to ensure future mistakes reduction and non surprises.

Average savings achieved between 23% and 48%



Telcomunity has participated in more than 300 RFPs, tender requirements redaction, offers simulations and benchmark studies, but what really differentiates us form the rest is that added to justify and reduce cost, we like to make sure that:

  • Contracted services match profile-type desired, know each client’s ARPU, etc.
  • Reduce and symplify dedications to none-core administratgive tasks.
  • Include strategies and praxis to avoid or reduce adminsitration and back office work in the future.
  • That offers are scalable, proactive and allow for a correct SLA control.

This consultancy can be delivered quickly and at the lowests cost, thanks to our specilised tools and team of experts in constant formation and in market awareness which gives us a distint advantege in any negotiation.

Our free conflict of interest possition guratees an independant advisory.



In its most basic level of service, Telcomunity includes an unique and advance invoice processing policy  that allows our KAMs (Key Account Manager) to ensure:

  • Continuity on Master Action Plans to ensuere initial savings detected
  • Know what, when and whom of costs dirvers
  • Highlight inneficiencies, alarms, seek homogenity
  • Control and follow accornding Users Policies
  • Online and Offline quick-ways to optimise control